Hello reader, I hope you and your family are healthy and doing well. I started this website, as ugly as it is, lol, because I am noticing the overt censorship that is happening online each and everyday.

Alex Jones DE- Platformed

I noticed about 3-4 years ago, that the censorship started with Citizen Journalist, Alex Jones. He was removed and banned from all social media platforms and no one raised their voices. Alex Jones can be quite annoying at times and we might not agree with everything he says, but I read the writing on the wall, and Alex was the first citizen journalist that was going to be used as an example for those who dared not regurgitate the official narrative.

Dinesh D’ Souza – Online censorship leads to jail!

Dinesh d’souza paid an even heavier price than Alex Jones about 5 years ago. The man was thrown in jail! He made 2 documentaries: One about then president Obama and another about Hillary Clinton. They made up some phony charges on Dinesh concerning contributions to a political campaign. But everyone knew what that imprisonment was really about, He dared speak to the contrary of the political darlings of the time! By the way, where is Dinesh? Its like he has disappeared from the map. His work, His research and his career have been buried from all eyes.

You tubers channels being killed

Everyday I hear an outcry from you tubers. Their years of hard work and content and their monetization being disappeared in one fell swoop. These are usually the people instructing the public about Cryptocurrency- a topic loathed by world governments, Questioning the official Narrative about Covid-19, questioning the events that happened on 9-11,questioning the ever growing tyrannical behavior of these massive social media conglomerates or the absolutely most hated topic of those in power: Questioning the effectiveness and safety of vaccines!These topics are banned and flagged on you tube, Facebook and twitter. The biggest platforms with the most reach, strictly control what can be said on these platforms.

David Icke: The monster in the Room!

David icke has said some very controversial and sometimes outlandish things on TV. I don’t agree with everything he says but the media powers have not only banned him, They have banned and blacklisted anyone that dares to interview him or have David speak at any talk show. In David Icke’s case now you become banned by association! talk about his books, speeches or even show clips of him talking and you are now banned and also DE-platformed.

In my opinion, This is really getting really petty and over the top .Brian Rose from the London Real Channel has been the first victim of de-platformed by association with David Icke. You know what he did? He started his own website and media distribution site! Good for him! That seems like the new path that independent and citizen journalist will have to take. Did you ever think we would see such blatant censorship so soon in our lifetimes? We are in deep trouble Human race…

What I’m doing to avoid Online censorship

Those journalists I mentioned above, don’t even cover the tip of the iceberg of people that have recently been banned and de-Platformed. If I went into details I would have to write a book. Stop and think: If these huge names were banned and de- platformed despite all the traffic and money they create for these platforms, what do you think will happen to you and I? That’s why I’m not even bothering with trying to create a following ,nor too much content on these platforms.

With these platforms you have two choices: play by our rules or don’t play at all. So I have decided not to play at all. I chose to make my own playground. I realize the disadvantages of playing in my own space: Very limited views,reach and audience. Also, no monetization from these media Goliaths.  That’s OK, this is why it is so important to learn the skill of affiliate marketing and online marketing. When you have these skills, you can create your own monetization!

These are small consequences I am willing to face, to not have my voice stifled by these platforms. Sure it will take me forever to get an audience, but guess what, I’m a hard worker and I have patience. You can do this too, start your own platform, upload your content onto your platform and use these social media giants to funnel your audience over to your platform. That is one easy way to start fighting censorship,and Creating your own economy


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