I had a hard time putting this article together because there are so many things that i love about this business and the way it changed my life, it was hard to get my thoughts together, this is what I came up with…

What prepared me for another way…

I was a die- hard cryptocurrency fan and still am. However in late 2017 through 2018  Cryptocurrency and its promise of overnight riches made every crook, thief and scammer come out of the woodwork. They were salivating at the insane profits and anonymous nature of Cryptocurrency. I fell for so many Cryptocurrency investment scams that i lost count. The you tubers that were pumping all of this stuff down our gullible throats made a financial windfall with referral commissions from us the suckers.

We were crying ourselves to sleep at night, wondering how we would tell our families that our so- called investments “exit scammed“. Meanwhile, these charlatans were laughing all the way to the bank. I always heard about affiliate and network marketing but the pictures in my mind were: the step-ford wives- looking Mary Kay ladies, the Avon ladies, the Amway cult members, Tupperware parties and things of the like. I was hearing that people were making money online, but me and my pockets quickly found out that Crypto scams were not the way…

How I was introduced to the power lead system

In July 2019, I was watching a you tube video made by one of the smaller cryptocurrency channels I used to watch. The guy in the video said, “Guys we play around and take our chances with these Crypto Platforms. But when it’s time to take your business serious and move up to another level, its time to look at something like this”…
He went on to talk about the Lead lightning system and how you got a full marketing system for only 7 dollars. As skeptical as I was, I went to the lead capture page and saw the video.

I refused believe that it was only 7 dollars. I paid the 7 dollars and entered the my back office. What i saw behind there blew my mind wide open!  I knew I had found a realistic way to learn how to make money online. I became so impressed with the training and the new concepts i was learning that I decided to level up in the business. Quickly, I became a gold member.  About 2 weeks ago,  I decided I wanted to go “all in” to the business. Meaning, I purchased the more advanced training and positioned myself at all of the earning levels.

So much to love , let’s start with the training

When I took my first step and joined lead lightning what impressed me the most was the marketing training. Although I came in as 7 dollar member, I had access to the certain areas of the gold advanced training. A whole new world of possibilities opened up for me. Strategic Facebook marketing, you tube marketing, blogging, sales techniques were some of the courses.  Accidentally, I had embarked upon a new career,right at the point of losing my first one, as a NYC correction officer. The saying ” when god closes one door he opens 3 new ones” was happening to me in real time…

The tight knit community

As a 7 dollar member,I was able to join the Facebook group. I connected with  mentors that were making six-figures with the power lead system while I chasing crypto scams. When I had any questions ,they would point me in the right direction to find the answers. Sure they could have told me what to do, but the community at Power Lead system is about self-empowerment. I was led to all the answers ,which are always staring at you at the back office. The power lead system is about finding your own voice, learning and understanding the materials in your own way.  That way, you can tailor the courses to your needs and your unique style. You are never left alone with this community.

Neil guess, one of the owners of the company does live teaching sessions at least twice a week.  He reaches out to you personally through Facebook messenger, if he sees you having any issues understanding the system. I have never seen such 1 on 1 attention given to customers by company owners, especially in online marketing.

The live Wednesday night training sessions  always leave you inspired and with new strategies to implement in your marketing. All the people that own and/or do the training in power lead system have Facebook profiles.  They encourage you to send them friend requests and connect. The team is always accessible through messenger, email, by phone etc. That solidified my belief that this was no fly-by-night company ,but a solid business solution for those who need it and want it.

The marketing tool suite

Once you upgrade from lead lightning, you have two choices you can upgrade to just use the tool suite and continue earning unlimited six dollar commissions. Your other choice is  you can become a gold member which makes you an earning affiliate plus you get the  marketing tool suite.

The tool suite consists of a simple to use, drag and drop system that enables you to create beautiful landing pages, lead capture pages, sales pages for anything you want to sell, promote, invite to, fund raise, etc. The drag and drop simplicity means that you do not need any technical or coding skills to build pages that would have cost you thousands of dollars to build.  The pages and sites you can create, are fully customizable to your type of business, your brand,  your tastes, the messages you want people to see, and the images and video you want your audience to see,

If you have a company whether its brick and mortar or online, you can see how this system can take your business to new levels. You can make your presentations stand out, with your personality, and start the connection process with your audience. You can create your own marketplaces to sell your goods, connect your pages to the payment system of your choice. The possibilities are endless. So what if, you don’t have anything to sell or promote?

You just found it! the power lead system can be marketed in the same way, using the same tools it provides. The power lead system can be marketed as a standalone product.

The share codes

This is a game changer for affiliate marketers that have built teams over time. When you create a personalized sales page, lead capture page,bridge page, etc. in the power lead system, we have a feature called “duplicatable funnels”. As an example, let’s say you have built a huge team in any business. Now you build a sales funnel for that business, using the power leads system suite, that is compelling and bringing in many leads. You can take that funnel and ,through what we call “share codes”  and your entire team can use that same funnel to duplicate your results!

Your sales team/ down line will thank you because with your power lead system tools you just made their presentations so much easier and much more effective. And when they ask you, “how did you build it”? You have the answer and a possible sale because they too, will want access to these tools for their own down lines. Beginners in power lead system can benefit from this also. Many of our veterans in the power lead system, create amazing lead attracting funnels that they share among the community all the time.You will find those specialized custom made funnel codes in your back office or shared inside of the Facebook group.

The Money

Power lead system has a compensation plan for affiliates unlike any other. It all begins with you getting the gold membership. When you start marketing this system, for every person that signs up with you, you will receive 20 dollars monthly residual commissions.  Each person that is now in your down line, and decides to become a gold member will begin to recruit their own customers. The power lead system will match you 50% commissions on the total sales they made that month, without affecting their pay.

For example, let’s say you only manage to get two people in your down line. Those two people made 100 dollars each in commissions this month for a total of 200 dollars. The power lead system will give you 100 dollars for being their sponsor, plus the 40 dollars you already make each month from their memberships. Two people earned you 140 dollars and you only did the work for the 40 dollars!  I’m using very small numbers here just as an example. Once you get 3 gold members in your down line, your gold membership in the power lead system is free, as long as they remain gold members.

The upgrades

“Twenty dollar residuals and 50% match bonus from the efforts of my down line is nothing to write home about”, you say. Well, Lucky for all of us the power lead system has upgrades that can lead to much bigger commissions. We offer the diamond membership, the platinum membership and the master traffic institute. . Let’s explore each of these levels.

Diamond level

In the diamond level, you purchase an educational product called ” free ad secrets”. The course will teach you the art of running free traffic. With this upgrade, you have positioned yourself to receive unlimited 100 dollar commissions, from anyone on your team that upgrades to diamond. So let’s go back to our example here: 2 members under you, making you 40 dollars monthly residuals, plus the 100 dollars 50% match bonus from their own sales. One of them decides to upgrade to platinum= 100 dollars. Now that is 240 dollars and you still only worked for the initial 40 dollars. Your team earned you 200 dollars, while you slept or shopped for groceries…

Platinum level

The platinum level allows you to purchase a course called “Social Profit Academy” this course teaches you social media marketing from A-Z,  on any social media platform. Very powerful training that you will need during the entire duration of your marketing career. When you upgrade to the platinum level, you have now positioned yourself to earn unlimited 400 dollar commissions. This means that if someone in your down line  upgrades to platinum, that’s 400 dollars for you and your family.. Now we are getting into life changing income.

Master Traffic Institute (MTI)

This is the final level in the power lead system. This is what going “all in” means. When you purchase MTI, you will get a whole suite of next level marketing training. The courses are all taught by the top Earners in the Power lead System.They share with you every single technique that brought them their great successes with the power lead system. These courses are easy to follow and understand because these people are not gurus nor self- proclaimed experts.

They are average people like you and I that broke free from debt, oppressive jobs and the rat race using this system. There is no complicated jargon or charts, just real people teaching what worked for them and will work for you. These are evergreen strategies, that can be used to market any program, product,in any niche. These top marketers learned on the field from years of trial and error. With these courses they made for us, we don’t have to waste the time and money making the mistakes most new marketers make.

When you purchase the master Traffic Institute you will  have all the knowledge you need to succeed in online marketing. And now, you have positioned yourself to make unlimited 1,000 dollar commissions. When just one of your  members purchase master traffic institute, you will earn 1,000 dollars.  When one of your members sells MTI to one of their customers, you will get a 200 dollar override, simply because you are their sponsor.

Keep in mind I’ve only used the example of two people. Just think what could happen to your finances if you had 10, 20, 100 people on your team? Your earnings will only be limited by your efforts, your drive, your ambitions and your hunger to become free from wage slavery.

In Summary

Discovering this business in July 2019 has made amazing changes in my life. I have learned so many things I never knew. I ended up with a new career, uncovered new passions and talents I never knew were inside me. I’ve met some amazing people. Was forced out of the cocoon, that PTSD and major depressive disorder, placed me inside of. I have found so many supportive people rooting for me in this community.  I would have paid double the price of what it cost me to become a member of the Power Lead System. The value that I have received being an affiliate of this company does not have a price tag. I have learned how to create my own economy… And that, is truly Priceless.


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