What is a solo ad?

I saw the value solo ads when i first began online marketing. I want to share my experience with solo ads so that you can be prepared before buying your first traffic run. A solo ad is essence, a marketer that has a much bigger list than yours, allowing you to pitch your offers to his/her massive list. Your link and/or your text ad is then presented to this list. Your link/ad will be shown to this list until the amount of ‘clicks’ you purchased is fulfilled. Notice, I use the word clicks. That is all that the solo ad vendor has to deliver. The vendor does not promise sales or opt-ins. Just clicks on your link, they cannot make a person opt-in or buy your offer.

What are the benefits of buying a solo ad?

You will get massive exposure for your offer in front of people you would never be able to reach on your own. Also, this is the quickest way to build your email list. You can buy as many clicks as you can afford. you will get opt-ins and sales without having to create massive amounts of content. Solo ads are very convenient for people with full-time jobs and family obligations, etc. Not everybody has the time nor the will to start blogging or to create a YouTube channel or spend hours head-hunting on social media. Don’t get me wrong, these things are very important, but if you are not able to do these activities due to time constraints, then solo ads will come to the rescue.

Yet another benefit of solo ads is you will see quick results in the beginning of your marketing career. Many new marketers become discouraged very quickly. They see themselves posting links on Facebook and other social media and eventually their links get banned. Social media networks really don’t like people posting links on their platforms. They feel that links move people’s eyes away from their platforms. The new marketer, then starts running out of places to show the links to their shiny new business and eventually quit. Then they usually end up calling the opportunity a scam. They didn’t do the proper research on marketing technique and they end up quitting. Solo ads will prevent all that frustration.

In my opinion, solo ads help the new marketer stay motivated long enough to stick around and learn the skill sets of online marketing. Solo ads will give you leads to follow-up with. Without leads, your offer will go nowhere fast! A big problem is many people get into a business and are not willing to put in the time and money that goes into getting any business off the ground. They refuse to invest money in their business before they start making money.

Big companies know the Value of Advertising

Have you ever noticed how during the Christmas season perfume ads play on TV non-stop? That is because the business knows that perfume/cologne is a popular gift around the holidays. These companies know that they want as many eyes as possible on their fragrance. That way you remember it when you walk into a store and their goal is that you end up purchasing it.They spend millions of dollars on advertising everywhere, repetitively so that that name gets burned into the target audience’s subconscious.

Another example of effective advertising/marketing is a hit song. You will hear it in every bar, on every radio station, in everyone’s car, at work and at home, if your kids are playing it and singing it. You end up hearing this song so much that although you hated it the first time you heard, one day you find yourself singing the words to this awful song. It eventually grows on you and you end up buying it on iTunes. That was effective marketing working on you as a consumer. The record company set an advertising budget for that song to make sure you hear it and end up buying it. This is how serious we must take the advertising of our business opportunities.

Had these companies ended up waiting for the first sale, to start advertising, no one would ever see the product! So why do that to your online business?

The disadvantages of solo ads

There are bad apples in every aspect of life. There are dishonest solo ad vendors in the space. Some send you ‘bot’ traffic. Where its not really a person clicking your link but an algorithm acting as a person. So when you follow-up, there’s nobody to follow up with. Some vendors have unresponsive lists,these list have a bunch of people that are not interested in your business. And then, there are just bold- faced scammers that  take your money and don’t deliver you anything at all!

Another disadvantage of solo ads is that they can become a crutch and can hinder your development as an online marketer.If you become dependent on solo ads only, you will spend a lot of money and not develop the necessary skills to succeed as a marketer. You will end up putting off starting your YouTube channel, your blog, your engagement in social media, how to write effective ad copy, etc. Solo ads should be viewed as nutritional supplements. You can take them to supplement your diet, but you still need food or you will end up getting sick and dying.

The same thing can happen to your business. If you only feed your business solo ads and do not apply any of the skills sets [food] I mentioned above, you will fail to make a connection with your audience. We have a saying in online marketing, ” people buy stuff from people”. That means you can have fancy capture pages, great video presentations, beautiful websites but when all is said and done, people need to know there is a real person behind the business. that is the reason we create content, to build a connection with our audience so they get to know, like and trust us enough to buy something from us.

How do i purchase solo ads?

There are many vendors of solo traffic both individuals and companies. Do your research before plunking down your hard earned cash on a solo ad. Ask fellow marketers on Facebook who they use. Go to different solo ad testimonial groups on Facebook. I usually buy my traffic from a company called Udimi. It is like the eBay of solo ad vendors. It is a good spot for beginners because it offers certain protections to buyers. Also there are honest reviews from real solo ad customers that are very vocal in their opinions and experiences with solo vendors! lol.  Udimi is also very easy to use and straightforward. Pick a vendor, read his/her ratings and order your traffic!

If somebody is selling bad traffic on Udimi, the company gets rid of their account really quickly. the prices are pretty decent and you have the options of adding different filters to your traffic to avoid getting junk clicks. In my opinion it is a great place to start for the solo novice. However, always do your research before buying and ask around social media about a certain vendor you have your eye on.

In conclusion

I did a tutorial for my team on udimi, that you can watch here. Best of luck with your first solo run! Remember these key points: 1)always research the vendor, 2)never depend solely on solo ads to carry your business, 3)always follow up with your leads, 4) Set a marketing budget and be consistent with your solo runs. 5)Start with a small amount of clicks when first starting out. 5)Buy small amounts of clicks on a consistent basis as your advertising budget allows, weekly. This will give you fast visible results that you can show to your social media profiles. This will help build momentum and credibility for your business. With the right mix of social media engagement, content creation while supplemented with solo ad runs, you will be well on your way to Creating your economy!  Check out udimi here

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