What does stash app offer?

Let’s talk about the best mobile investment app Ive used thus far: The stash app. Ive been investing 60 dollars weekly since 2017. The stash app is a user- friendly way to invest in ETF’s also known as Exchange traded funds. In the simplest terms Etf’s are baskets of different stocks put together in one package and offered as one investment.

Stash also offers stand alone stocks for any company, product, service you can think of. The sign -up process is so cool. They have you answer a few questions about yourself like: are you concerned with climate change, do you believe in helping others, is green energy important to you? The reason they ask you this is because stash believes that people should make money and investments based not only on numbers and statistics but also on what you are passionate about and what you believe in. Who knew you could stay true to your principles and still make money? lol

How much do I need to start?

Stash has a very low point of entry. you could start investing in your first ETF with as little as 5 dollars! The monthly fee is 1 dollar. They give you choices on how you want to invest: weekly, monthly, one time buys or auto invest. Take it from me, auto invest is the best way. you don’t even have to think about it and you “invest in yourself first” without a struggle. You tell the app how much you want it to take for whatever ETF you want the money to go to. you can also tell it to just sit the money on the app and then you choose at that time what you want to invest it in.

My personal experience with Stash

Now, how was my experience with this app? To be honest with you, I would have never been interested in the stock market had it not been for the human and user-friendly way it was packaged by this app. The stock market has always been associated with greed, fraud, corruption,lies and downright theft. Stash has removed the barrier of entry to the stock market so that everyone regardless of financial status,social class, what connections you have, can participate. To me, that within itself is very powerful. You no longer need an Armani suit and a briefcase to participate and make profits from the stock market. At the end of the year stash sends you a detailed report to use for tax preparation. So there goes that headache…


To sum it up, stash has educated me about investments and various investment vehicles in a fun, easy to understand, user- friendly way, while allowing me to make profits that I can either use in an emergency or compound for bigger profits in the future. I cant say enough good things about this experience. About a year ago,I made a you tube video talking about my experience with this app and i will upload for you to watch at your leisure. My suggestion to you is: if you have invested in cryptocurrency and precious metals,it would benefit you to take a look at the stash app to further diversify your finances. Its always a good idea to have several irons in the fire! When one is losing, the other is gaining,protecting you from dramatic losses… Thanks for reading! Want to check stash out? Click Here¬†¬†

This was the best five dollars I’ve spent on securing my financial future. Find out about the best 7 dollars I’ve spent in my entire life.



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