What is Rakuten?

Rakuten is an online rebate portal that allows you to get cash back on almost any online purchase. If you are old enough, do you remember in the 80’s and 90’s those in-store rebates? You would have to fill out the rebate form, cut out the product’s UPC symbol and send a copy of your purchase receipt and then wait 8-10 weeks through snail mail for a rebate check? Well with rakuten those ancient rebate rituals are a thing of the past! Good riddance! Your rebates take about 3 days to show up in either or pay pal or a rebate check in the mail.

How do I use Rakuten?

You open the app on your phone which is available for android or apple. You Go to the store of your choice through the app to initiate a “shopping trip”. Next you make your purchase at the chosen store and rakuten automatically gives you cash back at the completion of your purchase. They also show you which coupons and discounts are available for your items which you can add to the purchase in addition to the rebate. When on your computer chrome has an automatic extension that you open and from there you can start your “shopping trip”.

Referral Commissions, Oh my!

Rakuten offers very generous referral commissions for telling your friends about rakuten. Normally you receive 25 dollars in cash for every person that joins the free platform, using your referral link. Also, your friend will receive 25 dollars cash upon the completion of their first purchase of 25 dollars or more. In other words your friend’s first purchase is free! But right now Rakuten has a special promotion where you will receive 30 dollars in cash for every referral and your friend that uses your referral link will receive 30 dollars cash back on their completed purchase of 30 dollars or more until May 1st 2020. After that referral commissions will return to 25 dollars for both parties.

Why Should I Join Rakuten?

Well, the first obvious reason is because Rakuten is absolutely free to join .Second, during these hard financial times, these amazing rebates will help stretch your dollars a bit longer. Third, there is a huge amount of stores we already use available on rakuten,ready to hand you over juicy rebates on your online purchases. So chances are if you shop there, it probably on rakuten. Lastly, Who could turn down free money, lol?

How do I join Rakuten?

Click here to open your free account


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